Friday, June 01, 2007

New Neighbors Suck Ass...A Continuing Saga

11:45 pm....It seems to be the "magic hour" for my neighbor and her bullshit.

TOH was sitting in his car downstairs for about an hour for some strange "man reason" last night so he was able to witness her foolishness first hand.

The neighbor's brother in law was dropping his wife of at the "House of 1000 Children" and one of my other neighbors passed his truck a little too fast for his taste. The brother in law immediately starts SCREAMING:


I, of course, am at the window by now and I witness this dumb ass jump out of his truck in order to fight my other neighbor.

Beligereant Brother in Law: YOu almost ran over my wife and kids you motherfucker (my thoughts: What the hell were they doing in the middle of the street ANYWAY??)
Other Neighbor: Shooing him away
Beligereant Brother in Law: Roll your window down motherfucker!! I already callled the fucking police..blah blah
Other Neighbor: Man, fuck you
Me:*Gasp*..Oooh a fight!!!!

The other neighbor basically "poo pooed" the brother in law and walked calmly to his apartment..freaking hilarious

It seemed to be over as soon as it started and then the brother in law tried to buy TOH's car..on the spot..with no money in his hand..damn weirdo.

Oh, I love the ghetto

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bji1hji said...

Sounds like you handle it better than I would. With a laugh, I mean. That kind of environment gives me the creeps- oh well, I was sheltered to much as a child and now I'm paying for it as an adult. I wish I could laugh at ugly ghetto comments.