Thursday, April 09, 2009

Adventures In IMVU Land - The Recession Edition

Here are few more pics of Cookie..cuz I'm bored like that today. act like you don't see the spacing differences in between some of these pics..Blogger is really aggravating my OCD...

St. Patty's Day Debauchery:

Sadly, Cookie had to get a job...At Soft Touch - The Upscale Gentlemen’s Club..I’m a sort of…and "fill in" stripper
HEY!!!, don’t judge me..we’re in a recession people! If I give you a dance (or a drink), you're supposed to "pay" me in credit..or buy me something from my wishlist and I've got my eye on a nice teak wood toilet for my virtual beach come on by and let Cookie shake a lil sumpin' for you..

Also..apparently there IS sex in the champagne room...oh lawd, what have I gotten myself into?

Cookie as “Mei Ling”, The Asian Angel (One of my costumes at Soft Touch)

At Latte’s Poetry CafĂ©:

I'm in a band called "I Told You That Bitch Was Crazy"

Drowning my sorrows after work:

Hangin' out with my "virtual man" William..

I know I look was hot dammit! And besides, we were at the beach...

And after the beach we rob virtual banks from time to helps us bond.

I'm in a Cadillac gang..ha!

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