Saturday, October 11, 2008

Talkin' Politics and Gang Signs

Our management has put out a "gag order" of sorts on Political Talk in the cube farm...yay

It seems that someone was offended by a (from what I hear freakin' heeelarious) group conversation that happened on Monday about John McCain's appearance.

Namely, his arms and how they don't match his body.

One co-worker said:

"Is it just me, or are his arms a little long for his body??"

(I guess his arms ARE long enough to box with god huh?? Oh, I slay me!!)

Well when this lady (The one who doesn't wash her hands after peeing) heard the jokes getting started she stands up all red faced and shaking and hollers:

"He was a P.O.W. for criminees sake!!! He bravely served his country..blah blah blah"

I heard that a hush fell over the crowd and then somebody changed the subject.

Later on, one of the managers called a "stand-up" meeting to basically say that we need to be mindful that "our words may hurt"...blah blah fucking blah

I guess No Woman, No Wash ran and told on everybody...heffa

So since we're complete jackasses, we've decided to come up with a "secret society" or gang, if you will, way to talk about politics without anybody suspecting it....

We have come up with our own gang signs: Yeah, we know they are not sign languagely correct)

The View Fox News (?)


Sarah Palin - 'cuz she's a "hang loose" type of broad

..And a beer drinker

Barack Obama

McCain (modified from below because it hurt our fingers)

If management is "on the floor" then we double up the M's to signal for Management Mafia

Then we double up the following if we see the all clear when they leave for the day as if to say: "Mafia Up...and OUT"

And my personal favorite....

Is it obvious that the majority of us are RAGING alcoholics??

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Riotgrrl said...

I'm sure McCain/Palin are proud to call folk like No Woman No Wash their constituents! They need her because all the smart people are voting for Obama!