Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just Bought A Cadillac..Again..Oh Look! A Lemon!

Well, I finally killed my old car..(poor thing was smoking and everything) and since I had already been turned down by my credit union THREE times, I didn't really expect that they'd give in this time BUT THEY DID!! Woo damn Hoo

Normally, I get screwed royally at dealerships because I make the mistake of financing with them...bad credit is soooo not cute.

It feels so good to walk into the dealership and slap a check on the desk, sure is a different experience.

I've been looking at Supercharged Grand Prixs like my old one but the new body style looks like a rental if you ask me..but you didn't.

With my measly budget of $8000, there were only a few cars worth looking a Porsche Cayenne was completely out of the question..(for now)...but I found a Cadillac STS that was pretty sexy:

MMMMM..V8 Sexiness and it was a 2001 with only 70,000 miles on it..and they only wanted $7000 for it..what a deal!! I was originally looking for a Maxima or some other sporty tuner car but I realized that I'm getting older and that maybe I should choose something a little more "grown up" and again..I'm not rich.

I slapped the check from my credit union on the desk, signed 6 million documents and drove it home like I stole it.

But as usual in my shitty life..something went wrong.

I bought the car on Wednesday afternoon, Wednesday night I realized that if you drive at night and have the nerve to put on the left OR right turn signal - THE HEADLIGHTS TURN COMPLETELY OFF!!..niiiice, and safe too huh? Thank God for fog lights.

So Thursday morning, I call the dealership and let them know that sumpin' aint right. They offer to fix it and give me the number of the shop they use..yay?
After working through a "language barrier" with the guy at the shop, we set up a time for me to drop the car off the next day.

Here we are at Friday morning..4 AM..because insomnia is my friend. I went outside to check the trouble codes on the digital dash which involves pressing numerous buttons near the steering wheel, doing the hokey pokey (but only turning yourself halfway around) and then chanting something in Swahili.
I promise you, at least 50 codes came up but they were in the "history" area and not "current" which is a relief, I guess.

And then more shittiness.....

I tried to turn the car back on but it just made this clicking noise...what the ?...tried it again..tried to turn the radio mother...fucker!!

I unfortunately had to wait until the dealership opened at 9 AM to call and scream at them. Thankfully, the guy who picked up the phone was very nice and apologized for the trouble. He even offered to have the car picked up ASAP and that they would bring me a LOANER!! oh mahjeeesuscakes...and since I was so not used to being treated well, at first I was speechless...yeah, me, speechless.

My original salesman and some dude showed up a couple of hours later, jumped it and drove off assuring me that "everything would be fine"...yeah, we'll see.

They left me with a's kinda cute and it's a V6...I like having the ability to peel my tires when the light turns green...and that's all that counts in the end.

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The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Half of my family has been in used car sales at some time or other and often they are in the business of ripping off poor people - and that "buy here, pay here" is the biggest rip off of all. Dang woman I wish you'd call me before you buy another car. Meanwhile, you should stick with the Hyundai and let them keep the Caddy.