Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Got Gas?? We Don't...

Bob Andres

We seem to have a little gas shortage here in the's been going on for about 20 days.


Last Thursday, after getting into an argument with the Husband over, well.. gas, I tried to find a station that actually had gas.

It was almost MIDNIGHT and they were off the fucking chain busy.


I was able to fill up the "new" caddie (my car has finally decided to give up the fight..more on THAT bastard later) with regular gas because THANK GOD it takes regular gas and not premium like the stolen one did.

By Saturday somebody who shall remain nameless, had gone out with his buddy and racked up 85 miles on the tripometer..knowing full well that we had a party to go to that was, I swear, AN HOUR away..nice.

Sunday rolls around and now we're a little under half a tank..I'm panicking now..the caddie only gets 16 miles to the gallon.. so I start calling gas one is answering the phone..fuckers..I heard through an message board that a Quiktrip not too far away had gas..woo fuckin' hoo!!!

On the way, I drove by SIX stations that were bone dry...and church was about to let out...It's sad but true but I prayed that the Lord would keep them in church just a little longer so that I could get to the Quiktrip before they did..yes, I'm a heathen that is going STRAIGHT to hell.

When I got there, there was a line about 10 cars long..shit!!! But it was better than the line we saw the night before which was about FIFTY cars long.

I have to say that it was almost pleasant. The employees were very organized with orange cones and such and I only had to wait about 30 minutes..not bad since my co-worker had to wait for two hours and was only able to get $20 worth!!



Riotgrrl said...

I know, what in the hell?? I read that they got the refineries going and that supply was getting up to normal...

Jesus, we are going to have some crazy tales to tell our children about what will be known 20 years from now as the "Next Great Depression." It ain't over by a long shot.

Stay tough L7!

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Holy cats - I hadn't heard that. I live in Michigan and have noticed that the price of gas has been going steadily down for the last several days. It's weird and I don't don't trust it and I wish I could find a safe way to hoard the cheap gas like some crazy militia preparing for armageddon.