Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stupid Shit We Talk About At 5 A.M.

Last night the Hubby fell asleep watching TV in the guest room that has somehow turned into the den.
After SEVERAL attempts to wake him up, I decided to leave his snoring ass in there..but I woke up in a panic at 5 AM looking for him.

I went in there all groggy and pissed and woke him up and here's how the conversation went:

Me: Wake up and go to bed
Him: mhnfmndkls*
Me: wha??
Him: I was having a dream that I was dance-battlin' that girl from Save The Last Dance
Me: Oh yeah? did it go?
Him: Well, I "served" her ass, OF COURSE!
Me: yeah, OF COURSE!!
Him: Then Chris Brown showed up
Me: Why?
Him: I guess he wanted a piece of me too, so I gave him the business like I did ole' girl.
Me: Yes baby, because you are the "King Of The Dance Battle"
Him: You are soo right.

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Riotgrrl said...

AHhahha! When I was young and still lived at home, I used to come home late and wake my little sister up just especially for the nonsense talk, HA!

I had a similar conversation with my hubby in the middle of the night this week. We had hornets trying to nest in our apartment all weekend(apparently NOT a maintenance emergency) and he's deathly afraid. I guess my big tow grazed his leg in my sleep and I woke up to "AAAGH! AAGHH! AAAGHH!" I said, "Babe, it's just me, it's ok!" and he said, "Oh." and went back to sleep.

I really wanted to blog about it but he's sensitive and would prolly pout about it.