Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Have You Ever Hated That Bitch In The Next Cubicle?

*le sigh*
So THIS came up in my weekly review meeting:
Supervisor: *sigh* I normally wouldn't say anything..but it came up in MY weekly review.
Me: um, ok
Supervisor: maybe you should bring the baby by less often
Me: (thinking)'the fuck?? (out loud) Is she loud? Disruptive?
Supervisor: OH GOD NO!! She is quiet as a church mouse, never cries and is so very precious..I call her "my child" for God's sake!
Me: um, ok..Did someone say something?
Supervisor: I wasn't told any specifics but somebody might think that she might be a distraction..but please know that I'M not the one saying this..

You know how when you get embarrassed and your face starts to get hot and you feel tears welling up? Yeah, I had that...

What fucking irks me is that everybody in here BEGS ME to bring her to work on my days kidding, BEGGING.

I suspect it is this one bitch that thinks that EVERYTHING is a distraction..

You got a new haircut? DISTRACTION!!
You had a heart attack? DISTRACTION!!
The sky is blue?? WHAT!?! DISTRACTION!!!!!!! CALL H.R.!!

I fucking hate her and her ass kissing ways. She's one of those people that dresses her dog up in sailor suits and has no life.

I looked back at the times when I did bring her in..just in case I was being an asshole (it's possible)..and I swear, we were quiet, unassuming and very respectful ( a stretch for me, believe that) every time we came by.
I even worried taht maybe I WAS bringing her to work too much..but they just kept it up with the damn begging.

I somehow kept myself from actually crying in our meeting..because I wouldn't want to be a distraction or anything..grrrr

Some people just always have to find a way to keep somebody "under their thumb"


Hetty Hernani said...

Blog Walking here....
have a goo day..

ColdQueen36 said...

It's sad how unhappy people can be that they actually make a huge deal about a baby!!