Thursday, March 15, 2012

Watch What You Say On Your Blog..Yeah Right, WHATEVS

I was puttering around on my rarely used Etsy shop today and noticed that I had a message...I figured it was some blah blah blah from Etsy about "welcome to our crunchy hippie site" but it was actually an email from a reality TV "star".

Huh, wha?

Apparently, SIX FUCKING YEARS AGO, I posted a blog about a really obscure reality show called T.reasure H.unters. In that post I intimated that I would whoop someone's ass if I caught her in a dark alley...all because she was mean to her seemingly sweet Dad..and she was acting like an award winning bratass, so like I "do", I voiced my opinion in written form.

Problem was, I used her entire name and she was "embarrassed by what is posted about her on the web". She wrote: "I'm just now trying to clean up what comes up when you google search my name"
She went as far as contacting Google who then told her to try contacting ME..thanks Google..fuckers.

At first, I had an "oh shit" moment - like..oh noes, lawsuit? blog deletion?

And then....the super duper asshole in me came out and I thought:

So you're embarrassed huh? How about.... DON'T BE AN ASSHOLE ON NATIONAL TV???? Obviously, your behavior follows you on the innerwebbins forever.
Is she going to send out an email plea to every damn body??

grrr..the nerve of her..makes my teeth itch.

I SO wish I could direct you to the actual links of what OTHER people have said about comments are tame in comparison.

I deleted her actual name (cuz I'm too tired for bullshit this morning) - but the comment (and the feeling behind it) stands.

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