Friday, October 16, 2009

I Really Hate People Who Hate Other People..


My co-workers are RAGING homophobes and it makes me sad. I call them the Amen Corner and they tend to hide it under the guise of being religious and that "it just aint right"...but the bottom line is that they are mean as fuck.

Ok, I get the whole "freedom of speech" thing but gaaahh..the things they say are just..ughh, here are a few..because I just can't believe these broads sometimes:

"You know Queen Latifah has a girlfriend right?"
"Whaaaat??...Well I'll never buy another Cover Girl product again in my life"
"Mm Hmm girl, me neither"

"I can't believe those faggots are trying to compare their struggles to ours (Black People) they have any idea what's it's like to be discriminated against..{insert ME rattling off a list of parallels\similarities here} then..{insert a cubicle farm of blank stares and some crickets chirping here}

(On the subject of gays and adoption) "I just think that it's confusing for the children" umm really??..this comment came from an admitted home-wrecker with a million kids by 32,000 different baby-daddies. Confusing indeed.

Yesterday they were in a huddled whisper-fest about Obama saying (what they thought they heard him say) "was gonna overturn this whole gay marriage thing" and I heard one of them say: " OH HELL NAW BUDDY...we'll write a buncha damn letters!!"
It took everything in me not to tell them where to stuff their letters.

When me and my more tolerant co-workers talk about gay rights, there's this one lady who looks like she may actually vomit...sometimes I just wanna turn around and ask her: Is it really that fuckin bad????? I guess so, for her at least.

They have told me that I'm gay-friendly because of "That damn Internet", ok

Oh, and they think that Flu Shots are the, you just can't make this shit up...


The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I am constantly disappointed in people - but at work people should not assume that everyone around them wants to hear their opinion about how they like to hate. Most larger companies have some kind of anti-hate speech rule - maybe you can invoke that. I mean would they talk that way in front of you if YOU were gay? I think you're well within you're rights to ask not to have to listen to it when you're at work. Good luck love.

Linka72 said...

Thanks Lady for your kind comment..sigh..The sad part is that I consider some of these hateful heffas my friends..but we'll see how this turns out.

Riotgrrl said...

Holy sh!t, what's going on down south? I almost never hear people talk that way except on the news when the journalists are interviewing right wing nut jobs. I am realizing that I'm spoiled living in Minneapolis and further spoiled working at a corporation voted most gay-friendly to it's employees. And before that I was a women, gender & sexuality studies major while working at Whole Foods. Come on up and bring your hubbs, you can bunk with us.

Linka72 said...

HAAAA Riot!!
Thanks for the offer but I'm sure once we got there, you'd regret it...we eat a lot and smell really bad.