Thursday, September 10, 2009


And I am not ashamed..well, maybe a little.

This show brings back memories of my freshman year in high school. I wanted to be in "Show Choir" SO FUCKIN' BAD!!!!!
That Mercedes girl was me..on the inside..and kinda on the outside, my hairlooks like that now.

But I was shy..and a nerd..and tried out once...AND DIDN'T MAKE IT...waaahhhhh!

My husband gives me "the look" when I sing along to all the songs..He asks, with a look of disgust: "How the hell do you know the words to THAT song?"...because I'm a geek, that's why...and showtunes are fun..asshole.


Rachel said...

LOVE Glee...It was the one show that I absolutely had to watch this season.

Kara said...

You're not's one of our favorites!!! Not only do I sing along when the show is on, I can't help myself but to sing along with the commercials, too!