Saturday, August 22, 2009

Man-Candy Of The Week: Jensen Ackles

He's officially on the list of "White Dudes That Could Get It" ... hell, these days, who isn't?

He's on my fave show Supernatural on the CW network..Season Premier Sept 10th 9 pm

Yeah, the other guy is ok, but he doesn't have that "slam you up against a wall and love you down" quality that Jensen has (God, I am SUCH a whore)

And I hear that he's from Texas...and everything is bigger in Texas ....right?..I'm just sayin'...

I call that last pic: "You want me..don't you? Look at these other busters..even THEY want me!"
And yum.....

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blurred1 said...

Hmm - I might have to start watching that show.