Saturday, July 04, 2009

Please Gouge His Eyes Out...

Belly wants to "friend" me on Facebook......

*gag*...*dry heave*....*not so dry heave*

And the funniest part is his profile pic...fucking priceless...he is sitting at a desk showing ALL 437 OF HIS TEETH...I howled for 20 minutes over his ridiculous face..and those Man-Tittays need a D cup from Vickie's Secret IMMEEDJUTTLEE.

Do you think the FBI would take me seriously if I asked to be placed in the Witness Protection Program over this??

Hmm..I guess not.

OH!!..I forgot to tell you he had the nerve to come back into town the other week...I was wondering why the office floor was shaking....and here comes this pork sausage bounding down the aisle towards me with the Velveeta Super Cheese grin on his face.

I hope he didn't catch the panicked look on my face.

Thank God I was on my way out the door....but he still tried to stall by sidling up next to me and giving me his best Mack Daddy vibe voice - "So hey, how you been doooin?"

It took everything in me not to kick him in the nuts and take off running...but two of his brood were with him and those lil bitches looked tough.

From what the young kids tell me, if I ignore it, he won't know...but it leaves the door open for him to request me AGAIN...*sigh*
But then some other young kids say that if you just let it sit out there, the whole "Again" thing isn't possible..YAY

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