Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ok Fine..My Last Post About IMVU..maybe

It seems that at least ONE of my readers and I'm sure about 80% of my co-workers are "sick and damn tired" of me talking about IMVU.


I've been hearing that "I've changed" since getting my avatar..that I've "come out of my shell" or that I'm "starting to blur the line between reality and the virtual world"

Umm, I disagree.

I've said this somewhere before: I've been a 'ho since the early 90's..I just happen to have a way to dress her up in cute lil virtual clothes now.

You know how YOU think that something is so much fun that you want others to experience it, But when you show them the coolness they give you the blank stare and you hear crickets?

Yeah, I'm getting that feeling right about now...

A few of my older co-workers are sure that IMVU is the Devil...and so's the "interwebs"..I just laugh at them on the inside while nodding and smiling on the outside.
There are some really good people out there behind these "Devil Avatars"..and I've made some good friends...who cares if I've never actually seen them in person and sometimes I only know them by their screen name..doesn't seem strange to

Hey ladies!! - You know that guy I'm married to??...The one you broads LOVE SO MUCH?? Yeah, well I met him on the INTERNET!!

GASP..WHEEZE!!* Oh clutch the pearls Lula Mae!!!

Ok..I'm sounding like a brat.. 'cuz deep down inside, I AM ONE..and a rebel too.

So I'll probably add maybe just one or two more IMVU posts..yeah..that.

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