Friday, March 27, 2009

Man-Candy Of The Week: Dhani Jones

MMMMMM...chocolate...I wish it WOULD go straight to my thighs...OMG, I am such a whore....

Dhani has a new show on the Travel Channel called Dhani Tackles The Globe.

Me and The Husband watched it the other night and on the ouside, I feigned like he was no big deal but on the INSIDE...I was screaming his name from the hilltops while he made sweet, sweet love to that considered "cheating on your husband"?.....probably.....anywhooo

Now, Dhani could use a good haircut but I can get over that...I guess

Picture: Erik Hartman, Courtesy of Red Line Films

I blocked out the other guys' faces because honestly, they don't matter.....

Oh laaaawd.. I think that's a Speedo!!!


The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I have seen the promos for this show, but I haven't watched it yet. He is awfully purty.

Jody said...

Hehehe... I'm a Dhani convert, after stumbling upon the "Dhani Tackles the Globe" series. I don't watch a great deal of television because I find most of it rather tedious. But I laughed out loud several times, that first episode, and each one since.

As a former rider, I couldn't resist clicking on the above photo of Dhani in riding gear, when it popped up in a Google search. That's what brought me here.

To respond to your earlier remarks, yes, you are a complete whore (and good for you!), and yes, fantasizing about another man besides your (lucky, whore-marrying) husband ravaging you, no matter how exquisitely fanatastical was the dream you concocted (See what I did there? I made you think the word "cock", in part.), is a form of infidelity.

You should be forgiven, though, just as a friend of mine is forgiven for developing a bit of a crush on Ewan McGregor, while watching the documentary series, "Long Way 'Round." Those shows make the main characters seem so interesting and affable. In reality, though, those who seek notoriety are typically difficult to live with. At the very least, they fart and belch like everyone else. I bet your fantasy didn't include Dhani leaving the bathroom with an eye-watering, wallpaper-peeling stench. Hey...he's only human. ;-)