Tuesday, March 17, 2009


NO..not real ones of me and the hubby, silly..You know we suck ass and never go anywhere...but My IMVU Avatar, Cookie does!!

Seems she ran into a little trouble..got caught up with the wrong crowd and whatnot...


Stealin' cars

It all finally caught up with her......

Might as well "make a lil change up in huuur"

So after my online virtual boyfriend posted bail, I decided that maybe it was a good idea to take a little time off…yes, Cookie is a Jet Setter, baby.

And since I have virtual homes in Sydney and Venice…PRIVATE JETS AND CHAMPAGNE ALL THE WAY!!!

Riding various strange animals on various beaches..is that a damn donkey?

The views in the virtual South Pacific were sooooo beautiful

And of course I, I mean Cookie had to go on a cruise or two

But never to far away from the internet....

Men..always tryin to holla…tsk tsk

This is what happens when you drink brown liqour...this won't end well.

Somehow, I landed in a bucket of shit..or is this supposed to be a mud bath??

But then, as usual - I got back to my old ways....Drinking and hanging with Goth broads...

Yes, IMVU is fun, but I think I'm getting a little obsessed....LOL!!

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The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Oh my. You are in it deep kid. But who am I to judge - I just pre-ordered the Sims 3 for $80 because it comes with extra crap including a Sims 3 keychain. It's so fun though.