Saturday, February 14, 2009

Oh Love...

I'm bored..I'm at work..It's Saturday...Oh, and it's Valentine's day..woo hoo?

I'm watching Open Season 2 on company equipment..I'm sooo bad...but this movie is fucking hilarious...Dumb Cat Roger almost made me pee myself - "Stanley!! It's Been AGESSSTHH...sad how children's movies are actually made for adults.

Belly's sister still works with us on Saturdays..yay? She mostly keeps to herself...we sit kinda far from her and I'm sure it's hard getting all that ass over here just to chat...thank god.
1 weird thing: this morning when I came in, she was already here and she was on her cell. As I walked by, I heard her saying what sounded to be "sweet nothings".."well, you know where I am..uh huh..*coy giggle*...well get some rest sweetie..*coy giggle* hmm...yeah"...then once I got past her, she stopped me and said "Hi Linka, that was Belly, he says to tell you all what's up!!"..yay, great.


I have NEVER talked and giggled on the phone with MY brother like that...I guess some people just have a weird relationship traditions.

Anyway, I don't really want much for Valentine's day...well truthfully I want a whole lot of shit but it ain't gonna happen.
I asked TOH what he wanted and he said: "Some peace and quiet during the All Star Game and about 5 pounds of steamed crab legs"

I guess I could do that...for him...because I love him...I suppose.

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Kim said...

That conversation? Is freaky.

So, did he get his crab legs?