Wednesday, February 25, 2009

IMVU - Now I'm COMPLETELY Out Of Control

Ok, so now I've figured out how to make an avatar that looks a little more like the "real" me...oh lawd...The base avatar is called "Curvy Lolita"..well excuuuse me..

Yes I've made her pretty slutty too but fishnets are fun.

My avatar has had a really busy week so far, and since momma needs some new shoes, I got a job at the local fine dance academy:

Welcome to the main stage..Sista Big Bone!!!

Then I found a nice kitty to ride at the zoo:

But unfortunately, fell in with the wrong crowd

Yep, the devil made me do it...

Then I found Nemo:

Got my Jennifer Hudson on:

Found a nice Country bar..that had rides:

And had to spend the rest of the night dancing like this:

The next day I became a patron of the arts

And since I'm soooo popular, I was invited to a beach barbecue:

Where I proceeded to get so drunk that I did some really dumb shit:

And almost death:

But then I was resuscitated..and was well enough to go to the club and flirt with boys..of course:

This poor child was 19..and he followed me around for an hour...bless his little heart.

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Kim said...

That looks like fun! I'm going to have to check it out - from home, of course. :)