Monday, February 23, 2009

IMVU - My Personal Private Shame

Last week I stumbled upon this little website called
It's what the kids these days called Second Life, a virtual world.
..and I'm fucking hooked..I am such a nerd.

Damn you, young people.

I set up my avatar one night at around 9:00 pm and before I knew it, it was 3:00 am..oops..I got caught up "buying" shoes, clothes and hair for her with my credits...It's like shopping with somebody else's money....which is ALWAYS great.

Here's my avatar:

Yes,I've become an absolute whore on the internet...and I obviously love the hot tub.

So the second night, in the Public 3D rooms, I found the "night clubs"...and then I lost complete control of myself..

But I found a way to earn my keep:

I'm sure can imagine just how tough it was to tend bar in a bathing suit and stiletto boots...I'm sure.

Oh, then I joined a one woman band:

Then on Sunday, I woke up, changed into a slightly less whorish outfit, cooked some grits and did a little housework in my virtual beach house condo:

And then, to repent for the night before, I went to virtual church:

But isn't amazing that even in church, a Pimp will try to holla?

After church, I went home to get some rest and what did I find?...a damn orgy:


*Sigh*..just like college all over again...

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