Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Because It's Christmas Dammit!!!!

I swear, I'm going to get a fucking tattoo that says that...

Well the holidays were really busy..what else is new huh?
My brother the gigolo flew in to harass us and eat every morsel of food in sight..YAY!!

Since I didn't want a repeat of Vomitcon 2008, I mostly sat around and watched my family eat copious amounts of yummy looking food while I cleaned up after them..if I see one more fucking red plastic cup or dirty styrofoam plate, somebody is gonna die.
I managed to make a halfway decent Pineapple Upside Down cake..I think I was drunk because some of the pineapples near the middle are all wonky...

Christmas day, first we went to my cousin's house (She's actually my step-aunt but that sounds stupid) for the annual Christmas brunch..freakin' comedy I tell ya.
The theme this year was "Breakfast Burrito and Yogurt Parfait Bar"...what? she's an amateur event planner.
Then we went to a different cousin's house and ate more food..well, I mostly watched..but I did manage to eat lots of red velvet cake..oh and lemon cake..oh and some cookies..fat ass much?
Here's some pictures from Christmas Day:

Da Bar
Da other Bar

A shameful display of trees, wine and gifts

Me and the Hubby's cars in front of a house we could never afford..yes, we're pimps

Yet another picture in front of a completely different house that we don't own and can't afford.
The car in front is Grandad's..we're in a gang called "People with red cars and some have ridiculously big rims..but we look good when we pull in front of Church and/or the Club"..and sadly in the black community, that's really all that counts.

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