Thursday, July 17, 2008

Weird Traditions

So I know we're about TEN DAYS late but...

We ate a piece of or wedding cake top the other

I was told that it was good luck or something so I did as I was told and wrapped it up real tight for freezing...but because we have the smallest freezer known to man, I tucked it away in my friend's deep freezer in her garage.

Cut to the weekend before 7/7/08 - I call my friend to tell her that we're coming by to pickup our frozen block of weirdness and she says: "oh..umm, we may have a problem"....huh?, what problem??
"Well, it MAY or MAY NOT taste like habaneros...uh, there was a African Stew spilling incident in the freezer recently"...oh..ok.

When we got it, the outside foil smelled a little funky but I gloved up (actually I just put plastic Zip-locs on my hands) and re-wrapped a 100 degree humidity..yay.

I let it defrost a little in the freezer for a while. The whole time, TOH is claiming that he will MAKE me taste it fist, "Just in case it's nasty"..great...thanks. But of course, In my mind I'm thinking that I'm going to make HIM taste it first....He claimed that he couldn't enjoy the first time around because he had "The Bubble Guts" all day at our wedding..nervous much??

It looked pretty good..I guess

It looked dry..but strangely, it wasn't...the frosting tasted fresh still..sort of.

and after 10 minutes of hemming and hawing from my husband..we got through it..It wasn't exactly bad per se..but it wasn't actually all that good either...

Then we came to our senses...

and decided that this would be the best place to "store" the rest of the cake...

Looks like somebody - who shall remain nameless - needs to take the damn trash out already..for shit's sake!!

But I do love him..really, I do.


makuahine said...

Sounds like us! Ours was stored at my parents' and someone at some point throughout the year thought it would be a good idea to open it up and have a piece, so it was freezer burnt along the edges there. My mom cut that part off and we tried it but only lasted a few bites before we pitched it. A strange tradition indeed!

Happy Anniversary!!

Heather said...

I wasn't sure if anyone ever did that. I am glad you got to at least try it and even MORE glad it didn't taste..peppery.

Cookies look awesome.


The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I think I sent a comment, but it went away when I clicked somewhere else.

It was really cute too - something about losing our cake topper and not being worried about bad luck because I have the number to a good divorce attornery.

Trust me - it was comedy gold.

and I wished you happy anniversary too.