Friday, March 26, 2010

Toilets and Tampons..You're Shitting Me..RIGHT?


Anyway, today I'm talking to a co-worker about how nice my new gym is except for the fact that there are signs everywhere in the locker room that state:


So I say to her: "What JACKASS would flush a tampon down a asinine can you get?"......well um, it seems that she is that very, my

She told me that her entire life since puberty, she's flushed tampons down the toilet and she frankly thought people who didn't were gross.

This launched a large discussion/debate between all 30 women (and sadly, some very embarrassed men) in the vicinity.

My WHOLE life (god, we're dramatic) it has been an unwritten rule to NEVER flush tampons...then when I was living with my aunt in my 20's, I saw firsthand cousin had been doing this and one day, it LITERALLY blew up in her face..yep, toilet backed up and overflowed..flooded the bathroom and most of the hallway..not sexy.

The plumber found like 20 of them in the drain pipe..*GAG*

So I take it upon myself to poll the crowd..looks like a mostly "NO, don't flush" crowd...but the ones that DO??...good gawd, they're bat-shit crazy.

One lady and I debated (yes, it was a slow work day) about throwing away pads but flushing tampons...I personally think that if you can wrap a sopping ass pad up and trash it, you can do the same with a tampon...she didn't agree..I wanted to yell: "It's THE SAME FUCKING THING!!!"..but of course I didn't, cuz I'm a lady...ok, stop laughing.

Now, here's the question of the week (don't worry, there are no other questions or weeks..whatev.)



SP said...

uh... I have always flushed, because the cardboard is SUPPOSE to dissipate over time. I thought everyone flushed... Who knew?!

jfer76 said...

Just found your blog, hope you don't mind me dropping by...

Anyway, growing up I always flshed since the box said they were "flushable" and living in an apartment complex I never knew the repercussions of doing so. When I bought my house, however, our home inspector actually told me the only things that should ever go down a toilet drain are bodily wastes and t.p. because otherwise you can clog your septic system and it can be costly to repair. So I started wrapping it up & putting it in the trash. (Also managed to buy a small covered waste bin for the bathroom at the same time since my cat has a tendency to enjoy fishing in the open-top receptacle and dragging the contents through the house. A cotton swab is one thing, but I'd rather not see what he'd do if he found a string in the trash. *hork*)

blurred1 said...

Hm. Depends on the bathroom. Public vs. Home. At home, never flush. I was instructed by my parents because we had a jacked up sewer system anyway. but public, I usually flush because I dont want to get anywhere near that nasty little trashcan on the wall.

Gin said...

ummm... yeah, old topic but.... always been a flusher myself & never encountered a problem because of it in any of the homes I've lived in.

Eve said...

I don't like tampons, only wear them when I run out of pads but anywho I always flush *shrug*. More than likely its not my toilet anyway.