Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cadillac Update

Well, I kept the car....

The dealership fixed the turn signal/headlight issue and even gave me a new battery with a 3 yr warranty..but then they tried to play dumb about the steering noise issue..fuck 'em, I'm tired.

I'm still in love with my old car though...every time I see one on the road or at a light, I stare like a sad old sappy broad.

I'm pretty sure people are wondering what the fuck I'm staring at but oh well.

I think I'll get the windows tinted on the'll look cooler then...and after all, looking cool is my main goal. Ha!

The Grand Prix GTP is STILL for damn sale...I swear, I'll take $1,000 for it at this really, I will.

Here's what my old car WISHES it looked like *sigh* If I had more money, I'd probably make it happen..but I don't, so that's the end of that discussion I guess.

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