Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Internet Is Bad For You..

Because I know that you were just MOIST with anticipation...Here's an IMVU update.

I recently attended a Trailer Trash Bash..because as a classy ass broad, I am invited to only the most exclusive events ya know?

Here's me and a friend, chillin' on the "veranda"

What?..My lil Trick Baybee's gotta eat!!

Ahh..the miracle of birth...this is Lerleane's 12th child..(this year)

Betty - quenchin her Meth-thirst

and as per usual..a fight broke out

Notice how lil Trick Baybee just hangs on me hands free..he's talented like dat.

And now for the talent portion of our program...

Some quiet time with lil Quantalavius O'Shaunessy... His daddy "might" have been an Irish truck driver..I think...and yes, those are PBR can curlers in my weave..recycling is important ya know.

mm hmm..we are the hottest bitches in the trailer court!! I'm sure you're wondering why Betty Rae is all bruised up..she , umm, fell in the tub..yeah, that.

I'm sure that I've offended anyone who has ever lived in a work here is DONE!!!...*taking a bow*


SP said...

Not sure what to say... Where do you come up with this?! LOL

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I get into enough trouble (read slacking) with my Sims3 - but you make me want to check it out - especially because of the beer can curlers. Hilarious.